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Old D:

2015-11-02 17:52:36 by Kawaiiricewolf

Okay, all the stuff i make is old stuff i made centuries, ages, ago, i have alot of old work ( i won't post the bad stuff!) so i am saving up for a animation tablet thing.... So when i get the... thing i will start working on animations :3 Enjoy the oldies!


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2015-11-02 19:12:22

ok, i am certain that they will be cool!

Kawaiiricewolf responds:

Aww, thanks!


2015-11-03 01:58:44

ooo okay, only if you can guarantee they'll be kawaii as heeelllll and adorable as a button, i will look forward to it :> (jk i will look forward to them even if they're not)

Kawaiiricewolf responds:

mk .-.